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Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner



To maximise profits and make life that little bit easier for them, some Accountants have been known to try to put  "square pegs into round holes", often to the disadvantage of their client. We prefer to offer a broad range of strategies which our clients can choose from. Even these are fine tuned to give maximum benefit.

Your financial accounts can be used as a tool for assessing your business as well as a tool for maximising tax relief. We also ensure, when we prepare accounts, that we are doing so in the most tax efficient and appropriate manner for your personal circumstances

Do I need a book-keeper?

For most small practices you do not need a book-keeper as we as your Accountants will work off your source documents (i.e your raw data!). This has several advantages:

  • You don’t need to pay a book-keeper (or do it yourself!)
  • We use the same documents that HMRC use, if they were to investigate you which offers further comfort.
  • We use your raw data so there is less chance of things being “lost in translation” or misallocated when inputted by your book-keeper (which is often to your disadvantage from a tax point of view)

For some practices though, a book-keeper will be useful and we can work with them to ensure smooth operation. We can also, if required, assist with the book-keeping ourselves.

Do you need Management Accounts?

In many cases, if you can judge the profitability of the business, then it is unlikely you need Interim Management Accounts.

However if business overheads are difficult to keep track of; or the business is going through a period of rapid expansion or specific areas of the business need monitoring, then periodic reviews can be carried out during the year and this is of course something that we can help you with.

Who can we help

When you have a dental practice, you don’t want to be wasting time preparing schedules and summaries to send your accountant – that is what we are here for! You also want to be sure that your practice is being run efficiently, profitably and tax efficiently. We will be on hand to help you and advise you as best we can so you can focus on what you do best and leave the accounting to us.

Many self employed dental associates feel that they do not need an accountant as they are wrongly under the impression that they don’t have any expenses on which they can claim tax relief. As a self employed individual, you can claim tax relief on anything that is wholly and exclusively for the purposes of your trade, and your designated partner (either Mac or Priya) will sit down with you and explain what these are and how they are to be accounted for.

Of course, if you are an associate now, but plan to buy a practice, you would really benefit from having us on hand as early as possible, so we can guide you through the process, right from the early stages when you are considering what type of practice you want, to reviewing practices to see how you would fit there financially, to actually buying when we will hold your hand throughout!

Making the move from PAYE to self employed status can be confusing and the temptation is to put it off as much as possible! However, help is at hand as Priya Kotecha specialises in looking after newly qualified dentists or those dentists who have made the even scarier move to the UK from other countries. She will help you make sense of self employment, tax and all the other questions you may have in your mind, like how much to set aside for tax, when to pay it, whether you should form a limited company etc. Clients have commented how patient she is, so you really have no reason to put off contacting her any longer!

For some dentists, one practice is simply not enough and you may already own more than one dental practice or have plans to buy more to benefit from economies of scale and hopefully boost your income! Structuring your activities in a tax efficient manner becomes key now – and in addition to our other services, this is really something we can help you with.

In addition, no matter how many dental practices you own, we believe you would always benefit from bouncing ideas off us as your objective accountant, who will always look at things from the angle that is going to benefit you. We can help you review practices to see how it would fit within your existing dental portfolio.

Whether you are thinking of incorporating or you already have a limited company – we can help you. Limited companies can be tricky, especially when deciding if you will really save tax! In addition you have to be careful how you draw money out of the company in a tax efficient manner, not to mention the company obligations such as company returns, company accounts etc. Let us help you through your obligations to make your life easier!

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