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Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner

Buying a Dental Practice

A big decision

Buying a Dental Practice is a life changing experience. You want this to be life changing in a good way, so it is essential you buy the right practice. All Dental Practices for sale look amazing when you view them and they are always described as “amazing opportunities”. In many cases – they can be – but just because it is a good opportunity or a good practice – does not mean it will necessarily be a good opportunity for you.

How we help

We will help you review practices and bring to your attention factors we think could be problematic or require more explanation. We will also help you review the value of a practice to you (this is quite different from the value of the practice which would be determined by a valuer). We don’t make any additional charge for helping you review practices, so long as if you buy – we act for the new practice for at least two years (though hopefully much longer!)

Next steps!

When you have been through your share of “frogs” and finally find “the one” (and you will find it – don’t worry) we will be on hand every step of the way. We know a lot of other dental specialists so we can help with connecting you up with finance, solicitors etc. We will also be available and hold your hand throughout what can be a very scary time.


We will look at the legal set-up and ambitions of the business and advise on the most appropriate structure such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Expense Sharing Arrangement or Limited Company etc.

Record Keeping

In the early days, it is likely a manual bookkeeping system will be sufficient to keep track of your transactions.

If you require book-keeping support from us – we will be delighted to provide this, however most clients find that once we have gone through the system they need to follow, it is so easy and simple that they have no problem fulfilling this. We use your source documents when we prepare accounts which means you do not have to prepare schedules for us, so long as you follow the system we go through with you. 


We will help you with all aspects of business and personal taxation including NI, VAT (if relevant), Corporation Tax (where appropriate) and personal tax assessments as well as PAYE if required.

Contact Us

Contact us today or telephone on 0208 _346 0391, to find out how we can help you review Practices for sale to help you make the best decision. Why not give us a call today?