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Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner

Dental Practice Management

Reaching your potential!

Practices are not always profitable. Even when they are, they don’t always reach their full potential. We can assist you to try to ensure your Dental practice runs to its full potential. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in this area as specialist Dental Accountants can directly benefit you and your practice.

The following is just a small selection of the ways in which we can help you:

  • Setting up procedures that reduce the chance of money being "lost" from the till. You work hard and it can be heart-breaking when this happens. However a few simple tricky can ensure you keep tabs on your cash!
  • Making payments to locums/associates without creating the risk of overpayment (taking into account matters such as bad debts and fraud etc.). We can help you work out how to pay your associates as well as formulating plans to help incentivise them. This can become extremely important where you are not providing all of the dentistry yourself and especially so in the case of associate-run practices.
  • Checking records to reduce the chance of "teamed fraud" going undetected.
  • Help with expansion and increasing productivity by operating efficiently. We act for so many practices that we have an idea of what certain costs should be, bearing in mind the type of practice you have. We can point out any expenses that appear to be out of synch as well as suggestions to improve.
  • Setting up or acquiring additional practices. Even if you are a seasoned operator, we still feel that you would benefit from having an objective accountant cast their eye over prospective practices. In the case of a squat, we will be able to chat through your ideas with you to discuss the practicalities as well as help you formulate financial plans, if needed.
  • Increasing profitability through efficiency tactics to attract more patients etc. Sometimes, a few simple changes can make a huge difference. We will be able to chat through your current strategy and see how it may be improved.
  • Remember, that as specialist Dental Accountants, we can really assist you by giving you specific tips - not just general tax tips.

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Contact us today or telephone on 0208 _346 0391 to find out how we can help you. Benefit from a specialist Dental Accountant able to give you specific advice on your Dental Practice and not just generic advice that traditional Accountants may give. Why not give us a call today?