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Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner

Setting up a Dental Squat


Starting a squat is a daunting task. Apart from having to implement a system to monitor business transactions, regulatory requirements have to be met. Of course there’s the dentistry too! The best way we can help you (based on feedback from clients) if you are considering a squat, is to talk you through it, be available for you to bounce ideas off, and help you decide on details and to give you the confidence and freedom to go out and generate revenue without having to worry about accounting issues as well as helping you with the finance part of your plan.

Why we are different!

We take a genuine interest in the performance of all client businesses. This could sound like a PR exercise if it wasn't for the fact we include, as standard and free of an additional charge, support to make sure you are on track. This enables you to react quickly to any adverse trading issues you may be experiencing and advise on the best course of action. After all, your success is our success!

First impressions!

With advances in electronic communications, the need for your Accountant to be local is a thing of the past. Apart from our first meeting, you will find that much of our communication can be done over the phone or via email. We are working on other more up to date methods!

Visiting our offices for the initial meeting gives you the chance to meet the partner who will be looking after you, face to face!

We can help you with:

We will look at the legal set-up and ambitions of the business and advise on the most appropriate structure such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Expense Sharing Arrangement, or Limited Company etc.

Where capital expenditure is required we can advise on the best methods and supply you with contacts. We can also help prepare a Business Plan and forecasts if one has not already been done (as an extra service). If you are seeking investment, a well thought out, detailed business plan can increase your chances of success.

In the early days, it is likely a manual bookkeeping system will be sufficient to keep track of your transactions.

If you require book-keeping support from us – we will be delighted to provide this, however most clients find that once we have gone through the system they need to follow, it is so easy and simple that they have no problem fulfilling this. We use your source documents when we prepare accounts which means you do not have to prepare schedules for us, so long as you follow the system we go through with you which is simple and quick. 

We will help you with all aspects of business and personal taxation including NI, VAT (if relevant), Corporation Tax (where appropriate) and personal tax assessments as well as PAYE if required.

Contact Us

Contact us today or telephone Priya on 0208 _346 0391, to chat through your Squat practice idea. Benefit from an innovative and customer focused practice that will make you wonder why all accountants are not like us.