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Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner
Testimonial from Dental Practice owner


Saving you money!

All taxation is handled by our experienced partners. Our goal is to try and help you save tax, in a legal way, so why not remove the hassle of completing your personal and/or company tax returns and let us do it!

What do we do?

  • Provide handy Checklists to help you send us everything that we need to prepare your accounts and tax return. There is a lot to think about and sometimes you won’t know exactly what we need and when. This is where our checklist comes in but if you struggle with any of the points on it – don’t worry – we are only a phone call away!
  • Prepare your Income Tax and National Insurance liability Computations and advise you of any payments to be made by specified dates. We can also help you with arranging time to pay schedules with HMRC (a last resort if you cannot pay your tax) as well as reducing your tax payments on account of the next tax year if you think your income is going down. You do not need to liaise with HMRC for this – we will do it for you.
  • Prepare your annual tax return for your approval and submit it within the defined HMRC timescale (provided you send us the information we require on time). We are generally prompt but ask that you send us your records within a couple of months of the year end. This way, you will know well in advance, how much tax you are due to pay to save any “surprises”.
  • Provide Investigation Fee Protection Cover*. This means that if in the unfortunate position of having your affairs investigated by the Inland Revenue, an ex-Inspector of Taxes will handle the investigation on your behalf and any professional costs will be met by the insurers (*Conditions apply).
  • Provide advice on general tax planning if you would like it. You may need specific advice on certain points and how you can make your position more tax efficient. This could be from something as simple as how to make children’s bank accounts tax efficient to BTL properties!
  • Liaise with HMRC on your behalf. You need never speak to them ever again!
  • When instructed, help you to plan your Personal Affairs in a tax efficient manner.

What else can we help you with?

  • Income Tax on other income such as lettings, investments etc. Investments are subject to special tax quirks so it makes sense to know how best to plan/structure these!
  • Inheritance Tax. This can be one of the most expensive taxes if not planned in the correct way, especially in light of rising house prices. We can help you plan in an effective way to reduce the strain as much as possible.
  • Capital Gains Tax. This is a complex tax which is possible to reduce/mitigate by way of the various reliefs which are available. The key is knowing which reliefs are applicable, how they interact, and which one(s) would be most efficient in your circumstances.

Corporation Tax

Of course it goes without saying that if you have a limited company or are thinking about incorporation – we will assist you with Company tax returns and advise you of company tax payments!

Contact Us

Contact us today on 0208 _346 0391 to find out how you could be more pro-active when it comes to saving tax. Benefit from an innovative and customer focused practice that will make you wonder why all accountants are not like us! Why not give us a call today?